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Solutions Tailored
for Nonprofit and Government Agencies



MIP Fund Accounting is the premier fund accounting software solution that helps nonprofit and government organizations track and analyze information most important to stakeholders and decision makers. To help deliver on your mission, you need solutions that can change and grow with you through your challenging financial, budget, payroll, and human capital management decisions.  MIP Fund Accounting Software is the preferred nonprofit financial management software to plan and analyze complex budgets, maximize grants, manage human resources, and produce accurate tailored reports when you need them most.

  • MIP addresses the specific nonprofit financial management needs of organizations that need to track and report on multiple funds across multiple budget periods to meet their reporting requirements and demonstrate accountability.

  • MIP features a flexible, table-driven chart of accounts structure, a built-in check writer, and a complete financial report writer.

  • MIP's powerful report writer offers more than 100 standardized reports that can be printed directly or can be customized for any date range (great for those grant funded organizations that need to report on different funding source fiscal years) or filtered on any grant, program, project, cost center or location.

Ability to succeed!

With over 30 years of history, and a consistent record of active improvement and system investment, MIP Fund Accounting and related software products gives you the freedom to build tailored solutions to meet your specific needs while maintaining the flexibility to add modules, features and functionality as your organization grows.

Ziegner Technologies, Inc. is proud authorized business partner with Community Brands.

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