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Why Choose Ziegner Technologies?

01. Our Commitment

For over 20 years, Ziegner Technologies has been helping organizations like yours measure success while implementing targeted software solutions. Ziegner Technologies serves commercial enterprises, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and associations around the world. Our goal is to provide reliable solutions and professional services that achieve a common goal of maximizing revenue, funding utilization, and staff resources.

02. Our CLients

We have served over 700 customers worldwide.  They are small, medium and large nonprofit organizations and government agencies.  We service community health centers, local/county governments, performing arts, colleges/universities, religious organizations, family service agencies, children's services, Indian tribes/councils, museums, public broadcasting, shelters, and more.  

03. Our Ability

Let us show you how we support the nonprofit and government communities.  Our primary goal is to help you measure your success,  We have the training, expertise and the passion to get the job done right.  Together we can find the right software solution to meet your business needs and succeed.  Contact us today to get started!

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