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DIR-TSO-3857 Contract Pricing

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Cooperative Contracts program is a streamlined cooperative purchasing program for state and local government, public education, and other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. 

Through the Cooperative Contracts Program, DIR assists state agencies and local governments (Customers) with cost-effective acquisition of their information resources by negotiating, managing, and administering contracts with information technology providers.  For more information, please click the links below:

DIR Co-op Contract Program Overview

DIR Website for Contract Number #DIR-TSO-3857

Ms. Sherry Hovey
Address: 7514 N MOPAC Expy Suite 300, Austin, TX 78731
Phone: (512) 372-8000

Instructions for obtaining quotes and placing purchase orders under our contract number #DIR-TSO-3857:

DIR agencies can request quotes by emailing:
DIR agencies can place orders by emailing signed and authorized purchase orders to


DIR-TSO-3857 Pricing


Primary Product and Service Offerings:

Abila MIP Fund Accounting (Single User and Standard Edition)
Abila Fundraising
Abila Grant Management

Abila Millenium

Ziegner Solutions

Austera CRM Software & Financial Tracking Software


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